Imperialis Ordo Pullum Inspectores – New Recruits

The other morning I woke with an urge to bash kits. It’s been months since this project “started” with the inquisitorial enforcer that I haven’t finished painting yet but even with the enforcer along way off I knew I was going to need more members for the inquisitorial poultry inspector’s retinue. At some point these folks will get the whole narrative treatment but for now they have simple descriptors to give a vague idea of the inspiration behind them.

First up is “The Ture Believer.” Steeped in the Imperial Creed and never questioning it, a constant source of hypocrisy because of it. Believes Tau weapons in the hands of a true believe are okay because they become instruments of The Emperor’s wrath, ooph.

And then there’s “Gentleman Reach.” He’s the guy that blatantly steps out from behind cover into withering fire to pick off 3 machine gunners before calming returning to cover. Always a clean, pressed uniform in the middle of hell. This guy may be my new favorite.

Lastly, a reappearance of “Duskwalker.” When I built this guy I was think “techno-barbarian” and “wild admech”, I don’t think I got either of those but what I did get I really, REALLY love.

Not compelled to words I’m going to leave it there, just cool stuff that makes me happy.

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